For those of you that don’t know, I (Rah Willz) will explore a NEW career venture in 2012. In a couple of months, I plan to drop “RT Entertainment Media and PR” and one of my first two clients is none other than Fresno’s own, “Feezy” a.k.a Feezy Montana. I got a chance to sit down with the P.O.L.O rapper and talk a bit about his music, upcoming projects and more… Check out my interview with Feezy below.

Rah: What’s good Feezy Montana?

Feezy: What’s the deal fam?! I see you doin’ ya thang homie…

Rah: Yeah man, it’s been a long time coming, but we in this thang. I definitely appreciate the love.

Feezy: No problem G

Rah: First off, good-looking on the #SHOUTOUT in your single, “Get Rite” You already know, I told you for 2012, we doing it BIG! You butta, lol.

Feezy: Yeah, when I heard the beat… Off top, I had to kill it, ya feel me? “Get Rite” is just one of those good tracks to listen to, even though it’s a remix. It was all fun though. I can’t wait to see what you got lined up!

Rah: A lot… I’m a bit overwhelmed, but it’s coming together. For everyone out there who’s not familiar with who you are, go ahead and lay it out for them. Who is Feezy?

Feezy: I (Feezy) am the future of Hip-Hop, Rap and Underground music. My moto is “hard work pays off”… Get use to seeing this face because you will see me everywhere!

Rah: I feel it, same here bro. So, where did the name “Feezy” come from? I’ve always wanted to ask.

Feezy: “Feezy” came from everybody I know in Fresno… My government name is long, so people came up with a nickname which turned into Feezy, but now everybody calls me “Feezy Montana”, lol.

Rah: It’s catchy. How long have you been rapping and where did you gain your inspiration?

Feezy: I’ve been writing for 12 years, but barely hit the scene like six years ago. Since then, I’ve been one of the top artist in Fresno, CA. I gain inspiration from being nothing my whole life and not having anything. When I found God had blessed me with this talent, I took advantage of it. As I grew up, I started putting life into different perspectives and started to see things differently.

Rah: Nice! Who are some of your musical influences?

Feezy: Let’s see…. James Brown, Stevie Wonder, 2Pac, Big Pun, Master P, Otis Redding, Bone Thugs and Harmony, The Temptations, GAME, Michael Jackson (as an artist) and I can’t forget NWA!

Rah: If we were to go through your iPod, who are some of the artist we might run across?

Feezy: Nipsey Hussle, Wiz Khalifah, Jim Jones, GAME, Black Keys, Jadakiss, Llyod Banks, War, and Carlos Santana.

Rah: Describe your sound.

Feezy: I try to keep my sound unique. Nobody has my swag and the way I chop topics down is crazy! For the most part… It’s a bit of West Coast, East coast, Dirty South and a little Mid-West. I’m versatile.

Rah: Nice, I can honestly say… You do have a different sound. I noticed that when listening to a few of the tracks you’ve already released. If you had the opportunity to work with three artist, whether up and coming or in the industry, who would it be and why?

Feezy: Nipsey Hussle off top, lol. Wiz Khalifah and 50 Cent…. But Nipsey because he is a 100% factor, Wiz… He’s up and coming and definitely doing his thang and 50, man…When it comes to business 50 knows what he’s doing!

Rah: I agree, those are three of the hottest artist in the game, I can see that happening for you. So P.O.L.O, what are your plans for 2012? What should we (your fans) expect?

Feezy: Expect a lot! We (P.O.L.O) have claimed to be the Young Money of Fresno, CA. We still have a lot of work to do, but it’s happening as we speak. As far as me, I have some shows coming up, a bunch of videos to shoot and studio sessions through the roof. We are also working on P.O.L.O Tv… So look out for that!

Rah: Nice, I’m excited to see what you guys are going to bring to the table. #SHOUTOUT to Woo Stacks, B-Dot, KP, Nikki Stacks, Switch, Prince, and everyone else in P.O.L.O doing it BIG. This is definitely a group of young men and women the world should pay attention to. They have taken over the Central Valley and it’s growing. Congrats on all of your success Feezy. Appreciate your time, can’t wait to what you have in stored for us in 2012, I know it’s going to be crazy!! Anything you would like to put out there, actually share with your fans?

Feezy: I would like to #SHOUTOUT everybody on the East Coast, West Coast, Down South, and Midwest…Everybody who shows me love and supports my music. Look out for my new videos, VLOG, tweets and updates on Facebook. Also, everybody who deals with my fam, “Rah” and his whole team, What up!

Check out Feezy’s latest video for track, “Right Now” (below):

Video by Feezy Directed by @WooStacks of STACKA ENTERTAINMENT

Feezy ft. Mr. West Coast- “Shine Again”

For more music from Feezy, upcoming projects and more, check him out on Facebook or follow him on Twitter @Feezyao. For booking, email


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