@RealWizKhalifa Drops Taylor Allderdice Mixtape Tuesday

UPDATE: If you haven’t heard, the mixtape is now set to drop at 8 PM EST due to some beat issues. He’s (Wiz) also going to drop a video, so look out for that! I will post (with a link) when it ALL goes down!


Wiz Khalifa is back on his mixtape grind with his latest project, Taylor Allderdice set to drop on March 13, 2012 which is just ahead of the release of his greatly anticipated sophomore album, “O.N.I.F.C”.

The inspiration of the title, Taylor Allderdice is said to have come from the High School the Pittsburgh rapper attended in 2006. On March 7th, he took to his Instagram to release album artwork (above) and we can’t wait to hear what he has cooked up for the Kush & Orange Juice inspired mixtape.

VIDEO: Wiz Khalifa- “California” – 

Directed by @billpaladino


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