MUSIC NEWS: Pop Recording Artist Celebrates #1 Independent Artist In The Country For 2nd Week In A Row


Meet Alexa, an independent POP recording artist who has reached the top of the Indie chart for two consecutive weeks as the #1 Independent artist in the country and this is all due to her smash single, “Cause We Feel Like It”.

Believe it or not, after a short seven weeks on the independent music charts, Alexa has taken radios, dance floors and iPods by storm. After the initial release of her single, the emerging indie artist quickly found her place on the charts and in clubs across the US where “Cause We Feel Like It” ran neck and neck with sounds of Ke$ha (Die Young) and P!nk (Try). Since then, Alexa has held a number two position, also maintaining a spot in the top 200 on the National Charts.

“Cause We Feel Like It,” which was considered a summer anthem is full of energy, gives a feel good vibe and is guaranteed to bring the fun!

The track, produced by Pavel Bez, Team Whooopiii and 3 time Grammy winner and producer Toney Prendatt-Carter will be available in March 2013 for purchase via iTunes and other digital music outlets.

[Photos courtesy of Alexa on Facebook]
[Photos courtesy of Alexa on Facebook]
 Check out Alexa, her music and updates on her forthcoming EP on her WEBSITE | FACEBOOK and/or SOUNDCLOUD.


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