21 Questions with International Nova


#RTARTISTOFTHEWEEK International Nova sits down 1-on-1 with RahTalk.co creator Rah Willz (RW) and talks who he is, some of his favorites and his biggest fear.http://rahtalkdotcom.wordpress.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gif

RW: One of my favorite songs of yours is “Finally Made It” featuring Ryan Lane. Do you have a favorite?

IN: Lol, funny thing is a lot of people really love that song. When I recorded it, we thought it was good, but I definitely did not think it would have the appeal to where everyone would gravitate towards it. My favorite record would have to be … Well, I have two: The Reason which is an ode to my mother and to all of the single mothers out there who will do anything for their children. A friend of mine, Ja’Shayla is on that record with me as well and she killed it! The second would be It’s My Time which also features Ryan Lane.

RW: Do you have an Instagram? Who is your favorite person to follow?

IN: Yea, I actually do. My Instagram is international_nova … Make sure that you and your readers follow, lol! My favorite person to follow… Honestly, I’m a sneaker head, so a lot of the sneaker pages I love to follow, not really a favorite person in mind though.

RW: What would you like to do before your 30?

IN: Well professionally speaking, a few things I wanted to have already been checked off… Like the record deal and label deal. I’m still working on being able to provide for my family and friends, but I’m blessed to have been able to do a lot already in career.

RW: What is your biggest fear?

IN: Failure.

RW: Do you believe there are any limitations in life, in terms of what you can do?

IN: No. I fight everyday to never have limitations to what I can do or better what society says I can do.

RW: Who is International Nova?

IN: International Nova is different from plain ol’ Nova. International Nova is more confident, but yet very humble… International Nova possesses a swag about himself. Nova is humble and shy at heart of himself

RW: Who is your favorite artist? (Dead or alive)

IN: Tupac Amaru Shakur

RW: Can you cook? What’s your favorite dish to cook?

IN: I definitely can. Anything Italian. I love Italian food!

RW: Your favorite movie?

IN: I have two (2) favorites: Brown Sugar and Eddie and the Cruisers (all of them)

RW: Your favorite borough?

IN: The Bronx (Bx)

RW: Do you give money to panhandlers?

IN: I do, but more often I’d rather get them food.

RW: How much is too much to spend on a haircut?

IN: Dude, I have long hair and braids. I haven’t got a haircut in a few years, lol. But for my shape up and braiding, I normally pay 40 bucks a week.

RW: Do you drive?

IN: Yes.

RW: Your favorite quote?

IN: “Nothing comes to a sleeping man, but dreams” -Tupac

RW: Apple or Android?

IN: Apple

RW: Like sports or Love sports?

IN: Love sports. The Knicks. Shoutz to Carmelo!

RW: Time, Post or Daily News?

IN: Always liked the Daily News

RW: Where do you go to be alone?

IN: The studio… Normally I record alone.

RW: Favorite lyrics from a song?

IN: “Father forgive us for living, why all my homies stuck in prison? Barely breathing believing that this world is a prison. It’s like a ghetto, we can never leave a broken rose giving bloom through the cracks of the concrete…so many other things for us to see, things to be our history, so full of tragedy and misery” – Tupac (was a genius)

RW: What’s hanging about your sofa?

IN: Trophies (I’m very BIG into sports) and autographed memorabilia.

RW: What was your first job?

IN: Chinese food delivery man, lol. A bunch of my friends and myself needed money as kids, so one day we all just said, “why not deliver chinese food?” We did it for like 3 days and quit, lol. We were like 14 at the time though.


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