21 Questions with J Rome

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I recently got the opportunity to interview an up and coming artist from Sacramento, CA who goes by the name of J Rome. We got to chat after the interview, so I threw out some questions to connect with both the readers and his fans. I call it “21 Questions” … Check it out below and download his lastest project: “At My Best” << HERE


RW: Your favorite TV show?

JR: 106 & Park.

RW: Are you a Tyler Perry fan?

JR: I respect the work, but not too much of a Madea fan.

RW: How old are you?

JR: 23.

RW: If you could go ANYWHERE in the world, where would it be?

JR: I would have to say… The Bahamas or Cabo.

RW: What was your favorite subject in High School?

JR: I was always good with Geography and Math.

RW: Do you have any guilty pleasures (Something you shouldn’t like, but like anyway)?

JR: Not any that I could think of…

RW: Did you celebrate Easter?

JR: Yes because I am a parent. Got to spend some time with my son and spoil him!

RW: What is your biggest fear?

JR: Living life with out accomplishing my goals and living my dreams… Being ordinary.

RW: Who is a celebrity you would be star-stuck by?

JR: Denzel Washington, who is one of my favorite actors and the beautiful Meagan Good.

RW: Mexican Food or Chinese?

JR: Can’t pick. Both.

RW: Do you have any regrets?

JR: Being a troubled teen and getting kicked out of H.S.

RW: Your favorite quote?

JR: “Reality is wrong. Dreams are forreal.” -Tupac Shakur

RW: Your favorite book?

JR: 48 Laws of Power & Malcolm X.

RW: If you could work with five artist (already established) who would they be?

JR: T.I., Nas, DMX, Eminem and Big Sean.

RW: Instagram? Who is your favorite person to follow?

JR: Lol, not too much of a instagrammer. Sorry, i’ll try again.

RW: Dave Chappelle or Katt Williams?

JR: Dave Chappelle. Drunkeness is just not that funny… Sorry Katt!

RW: What would be an ideal collabo in your eyes and what would the song be called (you name it)?

JR: The Game, Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre – “Californication”

RW: Are you a fan of RahTalk?

JR: Of course, YES!

RW: What do you think of Kim Jong-Un and North Korea’s plan to attack 4 cities in the US?

JR: Man, America needs to pull out of Iraq and Afganistan and put to use some war efforts. Sad thing is Korea has no benefit of US going there.

RW: Your biggest inspiration?

JR: My son. All the inspiration someone needs in life is their own seed.


Download: J Rome- “At My Best” (Mixtape)

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