#RTInterview: Loose Screws


I recently got a chance to catch up with Loose Screws, a new rap trio from Muncie, IN with a sound different from anything I’ve heard on radio, etc. The group, which consist of three members are currently promoting their first single, “I’m A Star”(available on iTunes) and working on NEW music. Check out my 1-on-3 with the up and coming group (below):

R Willz: I am sitting here with members of Loose Screws (@loosescrews_). Who is “Loose Screws?”

Loose Screws: We are a group from Muncie, IN that are three best friends and happen to do music.

R Willz: Who are the members of Loose Screws?

Loose Screws: Tanner Man, BriZana and Freeze.

R Willz: Your name. Where did it come from and who or what inspired it?

Freeze: I was listening to Lil Wayne’s track, “Bill Gates” and he had a line “All my people nuts and I’m a loose screw” and I like it.

R Willz: How did the three of you meet and what’s your chemistry like?

Freeze: Tanner and I knew each other already. We met BriZana at a birthday party and I was looking for a female for the group. We found out that she could sing, so we begged her to be in the group.

R Willz: How would you separate yourselves from other rap groups or artist?

Loose Screws: We consider ourselves a Hip Hop group. We don’t think there is anyone out there that is like us…

R Willz: Who influenced your style?

TannerMan: Wow… We all love different artist. I love Juicy J and Kid Cudi. Freeze is a Lil Wayne fan and BriZana is a Jazz nut. She loves Billy Holiday, but also is a Karmin, Katy Perry and Ke$ha fan.

R Willz: How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard your music before?

Loose Screws: It’s hard to describe… Let’s just say we make great music. We promise!

R Willz: Who would you like to work with (in industry) in future?

Loose Screws: Lil Wayne, Kid Cudi, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Juicy J, Lady Gaga and Will.I.Am just to name a few.

R Willz: What artist are you guys listening to right now?

Loose Screws: Kid Cudi, Billy Holiday…Our music, of course… Big Sean, Chris Brown and Tyrese.

R Willz: Besides music, is there anything else any of you would like to get involved in or with?

Loose Screws: Charity work. We must give back to new generation of kids. We don’t have a lot, but we want to be able to give back to our community.

R Willz: What is the groups main goal? Where do you guys see yourselves in 2-5 years?

Loose Screws: We want to tour across the world… We want to be able to to touch every corner of the world.

R Willz: You guys are very entertaining, I can only imagine what it’s like being around you guys 24-7 or in person period. What will the “Live” show experience be like?

Loose Screws: Our “live” show is full of energy. If you have ever seen LMFAO, that is us! They inspired us to make sure we leave it all on the stage for our fans.

R Willz: Are any of you songwriters? Where do you gain your inspiration?

BriZana: We are all songwriters, that’s what makes us different from other groups. It could be something as small as an argument or something on TV… It just comes to us in different ways.

R Willz: Where can we find your music?

Loose Screws: You can find it on iTunes (CLICK HERE)… We just dropped our NEW single, “I’m a Star” and on YouTube.

R Willz: What is the best advice entering the music industry you’ve been given?

Freeze: Our manager told us to remain humble, always be on time and never take anything for granted. This will be what we live by no matter how big we get!

Download/Purchase: Loose Screws- “I’m A Star”

Previously: VIDEO: Loose Screws- “I’m A Star”

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