#RTInterview: “AnonymousCulture”



Who is AnonymousCulture?

AnonymousCulture is a artist…A Dallas, TX based artist. I grew up in the urban area and been around music my whole life, it’s always consumed a lot of my mental capacity. I’ve always thought music, it’s always been a part of me. I just go super strong at what I do and try represent for the culture that I am apart of.

Speaking of “Culture,” who or what inspired the name, AnonymousCulture?

Actutally, it’s funny. I was chillin’ with a couple of my buddies one day and during this time, I was looking for a name. A few girls came over (I didn’t know the girls) and one of the girls asked who I was and my friend responded, “that’s Anonymous” and I like it. I later added “culture” because I felt it invites conversation and it also bring upon the question, “What is the anonymous culture that you represent?”

People thought you would grow up to be preacher, but instead you became a rapper. At what point did you make this decision?

I was like 16, it was my Sophomore year of High School. I had a few scholarships to play football, but I’m small and started looking at other options… I’ve always love music, but really it just happened. One day, someone heard me and told me I should take it more serious; so I started to perfect my skills, I started listening to other artist I liked to see what it was they did to actually catch my attention and sort of put my own gumbo together.

Have you ever doubted yourself or your career decisions?

No, but only because of how I feel inside about the music. I never feel down about my music, I never feel like there is competition. I really believe I am myself, I’m in my own lane. I don’t focus on a lot of things that surround me, but on perfecting my craft and making myself better.

Your Sound. How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard your music?

It’s energetic and mood altering… I try to make music that inspires you to think of a moment… It’s experimental music, made in a sense of how I feel. I want the listener to listen, feel that energy and be taken to another place. I want the listener to feel as if they are there or going through what it is I am going through in the music.


AnonymousCulture- “Too Fast” (Video)

Want more? Check the up and coming star on his… WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | YOUTUBE | TUMBLR and look out for more of AnonymousCulture and his music on #RahTalk!



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