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A couple of weeks ago, I tuned into Power 105.1 and there was this song on… I couldn’t place the voice, but was diggin’ the sound and the beat, it definitely caught my ear. I had to find out who was singing this song or what is was called, so I begun to do a bit of research and before I could actually discover who it was, Joe Budden popped on with a verse. This made the track even hotter and to really keep it one hundred, it made my research easier.  So I found the name and the song title, played it to see if I had a match and I did, so I jumped on Twitter to see if I could work some magic and the rest…It’s history!

Check out our one-on-one with NY native, Singer and Songwriter Emanny (below):


Who is Emanny?

Emanny is probably one of the most simplest, complicated people in the world, If that makes sense. I’m a Singer/Songwriter based out of New York City who is very passionate…I’m very passionate about what I do. A lot of people today in age aren’t passionate about the music they’re creating; they are either creating music because of the money or to become famous; me on the other hand, I’ve traded in opportunities to gather both just because of the passion I have for the music.

At what point did you realize you wanted to sing?

I don’t think I ever…. I think it was kind of like a no-brainer. I always knew I wanted to be in the music field; I won’t even just say music, I’ll say entertainment because I would love to do movies and more. I knew at a young age I wanted to entertain. When I was younger, like 12-13 I use to rap but as time when on, I figured out I was a better singer than a rapper.

Do you still play a little with the rap?

I can write rap at any moment. The one thing I don’t have, which is hilarious to me is the voice.  A lot of people can write a rap, but the delivery, the vocals and the tones is a big part of the actual style and I don’t have that. If I can’t do something at a full capacity, I rather not do it at all.

Have you ever doubted yourself or your career decisions?

Oh yeah, I’ve definitely had… Even up to now, I’ve had doubts. I wouldn’t say so much regrets, but I’ve questioned one or two moves I’ve made, but I also understand that those moves got me where I am now. So do I like where I am now in my career? Yeah! I’m learning still to this point and getting better. I might have made some decisions on a business level that I might have felt weren’t the smartest, but they’ve got me to this point, so I don’t regret them.

How old are you?

Oooh, that’s something no one will ever get the answer to… I would give an answer and it’s not a bad answer, but I think it’s kind of what leads to the mystique of me so far. My music is very much so of a older crowd and very mature, but when people see me, they automatically think I’m young. I like messing with people in that sense, I like having people play the guessing game.

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard your music before?

My sound isn’t designated into a sound because I feel as if I am creative enough to be able to dive into any sound I want to get into. It’s more less the topics and what I speak upon that really makes me who I am as a artist. I am very blunt…How I feel it in my heart is how I write it down on paper, which is why a lot of people associate me with Hip-Hop. But if you know me, I’m very much so a R&B guy.. Lyrically, vocal stylings and everything. I just consider it real n-gga sh-t at the end of the day, it’s what real men go through on a day to day basis…That’s my sound. If you wanna relate to something, you’ll listen to my music and you’ll at least find a good amount of songs where you can relate and say, yo I’ve been through that…Even women. It’s always real n-gga sh-t, nothing made up.

Who influenced your style and how do you separate yourself from other artist like yourself?

Influences would definitely have to be Michael, as far as the vocal tone…Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Prince and R. Kelly. As a performer, Usher… I thought Usher was phenomenal as a performer and a vocalist. My separation would be… I don’t really take myself seriously when it comes to being an artist; a lot of artist are into the imagery, you have to present your music a certain way or dress a certain way…For me, I try not to get into that. If you’re going to become a supporter of my music, I want it to happen naturally.

What will we learn about Emanny that we don’t know about you from your music?

In a conversation, you can tell I’m passionate, but I’m a emotional guy…I mean, everything is driven off of emotions. I try not to show it physically or in front of people, but you can tell the emotions I go through through the music, especially when it comes to love.


You are currently promoting your single, “Miss Me” which features Love and Hip Hop star and Rapper, Joe Budden..From what I understand, this isn’t your first time working with him; you actually played a major part on his ‘No Love Lost’ album. How did this come about and how is it working with Joe?

I’ve been working with Joe since like 05-06. We’ve actually worked pretty close…Especially the ‘No Love Lost’ album. I’m involved in a majority of the album as far as the creative side but even on my end, Joe’s been around for a lot of the record I’ve created and been a great help on that end. We’re pretty much… It’s pass the business level; we’re friends and we both have a respect for each other in music and as men. Working with him has been a big plus as far as working with people, I like to work on my own but whenever we get together, it’s almost guaranteed that we’re going to come up with something people love.


Joe Budden isn’t the only artist that you’ve been blessed to work with, who are some other people you’ve had the opportunity to work with? 

When I first got started, I did some recording (as a teenager) for Patti LaBelle, did background singing for Ginuwine and Gerald Levert… Jadakiss is another person who gave me one of the biggest looks as far as my career and has been nothing but supportive… Styles P, It’s a bunch of people I could name and all of them were supportive and there to pat me on the back and say, “Go for it”.

Your currently promoting your upcoming mixtape, ‘Songs About Her 2’…Is there a release date yet? 

I’m looking at July. If I get it finish before that, I’ll definitely release it.

What is your next single? Will there be a video?

The next record I’m going to put out is actually a remake… It’s an original record mixed in with a remake of an old Janet Jackson record. I will shoot a visual for “Miss Me” video and the next single. I’m going to stick with the theme I had for the “I Messed Up” video and keep it sexy. This next video is going to be extremely sexy, extremely artistic…I think everyone will like it!

Any upcoming tours?

Right now I’m on the road with Joe. I’m not touring until he’s done, so July or August and I’ll be hitting pretty much anywhere in the U.S.

Who is an artist in the industry you would like to work with?

Kanye. He’s passionate about what he does, despite what going on. He’s always the first to come to mind.

Who are you listening to right now?

Other than classics… Miguel and Justin Timberlake; those are the two that are really in rotation.

What is the best advice you can give someone who wants to pursue a career in music?

Keep the love for the music first… Everything else comes second!

#SHOUTOUT to Emanny and his team for giving us the opportunity to sit down with the up and coming star and look out for his new music by following him on Twitter, or simply clicking like on his Facebook page.


Click HERE to download Emanny- ‘Songs About Her’

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