Interview: J. Drew Sheard of BET docu-series, “The Sheards” – PART 1


I recently got a chance to catch up with J. Drew Sheard (JDS) of the BET docu-series, ‘The Sheards’.

The multi talented artist is not only known for his role on the show as a son, a father and brother, but for his career and him being one of the youngest producers to first sign to Pharrell Williams imprint StarTrak.

J. Drew, who comes from a strong lineage of talent is currently promoting his EP, “Never Coming Back” and it’s getting rave reviews. Check out my one-on-one with the Detroit native as we talk about his latest project, the major transition from gospel music to secular and more…

J DrewAlso on the (Click here)

RW: Who Is J. Drew?

JDS: A young man from Detroit who loves God and music and is on a journey to become a successful trendsetter starting in the music industry and expanding throughout the entertainment industry as a whole so that others can be inspired.

RW: How is the whole reality TV lifestyle and how has your life changed since?

JDS: It was very new for us. It took me a while to adjust to the cameras being around so much because I am a very private person but after a while i saw it as a platform to inspire others through my story. My life has gotten better ever since. Being able to go to certain places and people recognize you is interesting and funny at times.

RW: How was your transition to R&B music? Was it difficult?

JDS: I’ve always been doing R & B and Hip Hop music since I started producing. I just happen to come from a Gospel background and most of the work i was mostly known for was the work i did in the gospel industry. So i wouldn’t necessarily call it a “transition” but as far as it being difficult, i would have some doubts at times as to how my parents would feel about it but eventually i knew they would accept it if it was something i wanted to do at heart.

RW: At what point did you discover your talent?

JDS: When people started telling me I had potential to become something great and seeing how people reacted to my music, i knew it could become something big. Most of the encouragement came from my family allowing me to work with them on other projects.

RW: Has there ever been a time where you doubted yourself or your career?

JDS: Absolutely! Considering that the industry is in a weird place right now, i never thought it could happen the way it is happening for me now. But once i studied the industry and finally found my sound, i immediately knew that my career could become something great and i wasn’t going to let anything stop me from getting to my goal (my dream).

RW: How would you separate yourself from other “artists”?

JDS: My sound itself is fresh. Considering that I produce, write, and sing all of my music, is one main thing. Each and every part of the music comes from the heart and my personal experiences or imaginations.

RW: Your sound. How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard your music?

JDS: Trap beat meets musical chords. Sometimes i like to call my music “Turn Up Music”.

RW: Any upcoming projects or events you would like to promote?

JDS: My project “Never Coming Back” available for download at and I’m also working on my sister Kierra Sheard’s project thats really gonna be CRAZY!

RW: What can fans expect from J. Drew in 2013?

JDS: You can expect to see me on your Televisions, on the radio airways, in your mp3 players, EVERYWHERE!

RW: Advice you would give someone interested in being in music industry?

JDS: Stay true to yourself. Don’t let anybody change who you are! Be you and put out music that the world wants to hear!

RW: Shoutouts?

JDS: Definitely want to shout out MY CITY DETROIT! We’re on the way back to the TOP. MY label LIVE TMG and BET!!


Don’t forget to catch the season finale of the BET docu-series, “The Sheards” tonight 8P/7C (Check your local listings) and download your copy of J. Drew’s EP “Never Coming Back” (below):


DOWNLOAD: J.Drew- “Never Coming Back”

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