#RahTalkExclusive: “NeJcion”


I recently got a chance to sit down with up and coming Singer and Songwriter, NeJcion to talk music, his NEW deal, and more…. Check it out below:


RW: Who is NeJcion?

NeJcion: NeJcion is a very hard-working artist who understands what it takes to make it in this game we call music. He understands work ethic and what it means to sacrifice.

RW: Is Music your first love?

NeJcion: YES! Music is my sanity my reason for being it is very therapeutic and gets me through whatever I’m going through.

RW: How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard your music?

NeJcion: My musical style is gospel rooted with a rich R&B feel with a Pop like approach.

RW: Who are some of your musical influences?

NeJcion: I love the greats of my era Tank, Tyrese, Brandy, Luke James, Beyonce.

RW: When writing, what inspires you or where do you gain your inspiration?

NeJcion: When I write music I pull from myself I talk about the things I go through because I know someone listening can relate… that’s what inspires me most knowing that my music can potentially make sense in someone’s life besides my own…

RW: Have you ever doubted yourself or your career?

NeJcion: Of course most great artist do but it’s never enough doubt to give up… I have staying power!

RW: Outside of music, is there anything else you’re interested in?

NeJcion: Abosolutley im a teacher at heart and acting is something I was blessed and fortunate to do as well.

RW: If we were to go through your iPod (or any music player), who are some artist that we would find on your playlist?

NeJcion: Awww man, right now im listening to… Tamar, TGT, Tank, Beyoncé, Dawn Richard, Mali Music, K. Michelle, Luke James and Me of course (laughs)

RW: We heard something about a new deal… Is it true? Can you tell us more about it?

NeJcion: Yes I recently signed a deal with X Ray Music Group Under 5050 Music Group Ingrooves~Fontana Universal Music Group! Things are about to take off in a major way for me and I’m excited!

 RW: Upcoming projects or events?

NeJcion: I’m right now working on my 2nd coming album”Overnight Celebrity” 3 projects, as well as a college promo tour!

RW: What can your fans expect from Nejcion in 2013?

NeJcion: They can expect to see the NeJcion brand a lot in the coming year!!!

RW: What is the best advice you’ve been given upon launching your career in music?

NeJcion: The best advice I was given was to always keep God first work hard understand that it will not always be easy but when your time comes be on post!

RW: Any Shoutouts?

NeJcion: Yes; my inspiration Shemiah Spence, My parents for giving me life, My Queen Grandmother for raising me to be humbled driven and motivated and my team for taking a chance on my dream and making it my reality!


Check out NeJcion’s visual for his single, “Cameras On Us” below:

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