COMINGSOON: Dusty McFly – ‘B&B 2’

Dusty McFly

Detroit rapper, Dusty McFly is preparing to drop his upcoming project, ‘B&B 2’ on November 5th.

The mixtape will release exclusively on and will include features from Royce Da 5’9 and more…

Check out the trailer for his upcoming project, cover art and tracklist below:


1. Intro

2. Get It Up (ft. T.Y)

3. Spot Raps

4. Shoboat (ft. SCB Stro)

5. O Love

6. Don’t Work, Don’t Eat

7. Fareal (ft. Team Eastside Peezy)

8. Rap (Interlude)

9. Wow (ft. Royce Da 5’9 & Boldy James)

10. Jumpin’ Crispy

11. Number One

12. It Ain’t Shit

13. Eat Beni’s, Rock Buffs

14. Freak Bit-h

15. D-Boy

16. Like Dat

17. Hollywood

Download: Dusty McFly- ‘B&B 2’ (11.5.13)


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